With over 40 years of combined publishing experience, we are a team that uniquely

and intimately understands every element of the publishing industry. From creating and building cutting-edge hybrid models to production and fulfillment strategy and execution, our collective team is able to advise on every level of the publishing process.

We create, publish, and manage innovative books, e-books, and audiobooks, to the highest degree of quality for each and every one of our content creators.


Where most publishers fall short, we shine. From concept development and project management to outlining and ghostwriting, marketing to distribution, we come alongside our selected authors to ensure a holistic publishing experience that sets them and their products up for long-term success.


With over 50 exclusive ghosts in our back pocket, and access to hundreds more, we work to find the best right fit in personality, budget, and passion. 


The editorial process at Per Capita is robust and all-inclusive. From developmental to substantive editorial to copyedit and proofing, each author receives a custom publishing experience and each stage of the process brings you closer and closer to a manuscript that is cohesive, engaging, and refined.


Using award-winning and bestselling designers, the design process at Per Capita considers market trends, audience analysis, aesthetic, and purpose to determine the best path forward for book cover and interior layout.


We have select partnerships with printers who are able to produce some of the finest print materials and can print any size, shape, color, or texture of book that we dream up for the product. Once files are sent to print,  we convert your book into all relevant



We have the ability to provide full distribution to bookstores around the world.  (It is important to note that getting books into retail stores is only a strong strategic decision if you have a plan to get people then into these stores to purchase them. Otherwise, you will be faced with returns, that amount to a great loss of time and money.)​

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Project development is a collaborative process that starts with an analysis of the core idea for a book from a market and audience perspective. Our work begins early in the publication process with project development—clarifying the market demand for your content and helping you present and package it to create the greatest consumer appeal. We then work with you to create a strong structure and outline for the content, and offer guidance as the author writes the manuscript or reworks existing content. This goes beyond standard publishing consulting—we bring a history of entrepreneurial success and business strategy to the table to help create the right approach for you and your content.

Project Development

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A ghostwriter’s primary responsibility is to effectively communicate the author’s content while also capturing the author’s voice and style. We work to pair authors with the best writers, based on writing style, familiarity with content, personality, and budget. Finding the right fit is critical—and we work with you to match the necessary skills with the right personality as well.


After a qualification process and author intake, our team comes alongside our authors to determine a publishing plan and content strategy. All clients receive a publishing timeline and have a member of our publishing to walk them through the process--from manuscript to print. They act as a liaison for all elements of the publishing process including printing, warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, and marketing. Additionally, our team can handle all registrations for Library of Congress, copyright, and Amazon setup.

Project Management

A substantive editor reviews the manuscript and looks at the macro issues. For non-fiction, they will evaluate whether the author has made their argument successfully, presented their information effectively, and generally accomplished what the book sets out to do. If the editor finds holes in the argument, gaps in the information or structure, or has suggestions for ways to enhance the material, they will send author an editorial letter and a manuscript with notes inserted for revision

Project Management

Substantive Edit

This is a careful review of the manuscript to correct all mechanical errors and inconsistencies, errors of grammar, usage, and syntax, and errors or

inconsistencies in content. A manuscript goes through an initial copyedit after the author approves the substantive edit and then again after the manuscript is put into designed interior files.

Copyedit & Proofing

Back cover and front cover copy, along with appropriate material for marketing purposes is developed to best support the project and capture the appropriate audience.  For paperback products this will include a headline, concise and compelling book description, and author bio. For a hardcover product, cover copy may also include endorsements (provided by the author) and a longer description of the book for flaps. For endorsement and testimonial outreach, we can help the author find the right people.

Marketing Copy

Desk and Stationery

Cover designer will send a questionnaire to author to help guide design process. Based on author preferences, project concept, and market trends, our design team creates a marketable and attractive cover and works with world-class domestic printers for production.

Once the editorial process is the typesetting kicks off the first phase of the production process. Designer considers content, book trim size, readability, and aesthetic

for interior files. In addition to traditional print, files are created for all major e-book devices. We also create any illustrations, infographic and/or photo help as needed.